GEM® e6®: Spacious, comfortable room for six

The roomy e6 shuttles up to six people, with an enhanced suspension that accommodates more weight without compromising comfort. Choose from handy under-seat storage and carrier options, too. This vehicle is ideal for safely moving people around a large campuses or facilities, shuttle businesses, city services, sports stadium uses and more.

Spacious and Comfortable

Enjoy a smooth ride with 43″ of legroom, 5.6″ of suspension travel, sliding seats, and optional electronic power steering.

More Safety Features

Feel confident while driving with standard features like 3 pt-safety belts, street tires, automotive-grade glass windshield and an aluminum frame that meet the SAE roof crush test specification.

Sustainable and Smart

Experience quiet, zero-emissions electric power for just $.03 per mile operating costs. Choose from a variety of battery and charger options to meet the demands of your specific application needs.

Flatbed Design

The GEM e6 is uniquely designed with rear storage which can be customized in many configurations. Conveniently carry up to 330 lbs of cargo with our choice of flatbed, box or enclosed carrier options.

Smart Power

Choose the battery that is right for you – whether it be low cost, maintenance-free or long-range. Battery options include: Flooded, Maintenance-Free, Distance Maintenance-free, Lithium-Ion and fast charge upgrades. Learn more on our Battery Range page.

Connected Vehicles

Whether managing a single GEM or a fleet of GEM cars, Polaris has technology that allows you to better connect with your vehicles. The RiderX app highlights where you can drive, record and track maintenance records and more.

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