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Is the battery life of your Utility Vehicle important to you? Learn how you can extend the life of it while protecting your investment.

  • August 23, 2016

We know that not all Utility Vehicles are treated equally. However, it’s important to do daily and weekly inspections. If the vehicle is operated under severe conditions, scheduled maintenance should happen m ore frequently. Some examples of severe conditions would be; roads in poor repair and uneven concrete with holes, extreme temperatures, excessive wet areas and all day use. Evaluating your operating environment will help determine your maintenance routine.

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Most utility vehicles use one of these 3 batteries:

T-605 – Low Demanding Applications

  • Comes standard on vehicles
  • Light duty applications

T-105 – Medium Demanding Applications

  • Option on price sheet
  • Most applications require this battery
  • Medium duty applications

T-145 – Heavy Demanding Applications

  • Option on price sheet
  • Very few applications require this battery
  • Heavy duty applications

Let’s talk Voltage…

Is low voltage harming your vehicle?

These are the areas where low voltage has an impact on your vehicle:

Battery – shortens life of battery because you are overcharging when you do have to charge.
Charger – works harder causing premature wear
Motor – causes excess heat making motor run at high temperatures ultimately wearing components.
Controller – loose mapping functions and causes a need for reprogramming, again causing wear to components.

Solution = Smart Gauge/Display

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